Friday, 29 April 2011

Want to be a rock star?

Afer comming out of the AC/DC exhibition today I was inspired, a little bit dazed and feeling a little bit more confident. Angus Young the lead guitarist.. what a legend, he has facemelting skill, charisma and passion. Some day I want to be like him. Typical Alpha Male ;)


Group mechanics - social exchange of emotion -
The "vibe" is a series of pings, pangs and pongs of emotions and feelings.
We respect most those who contribute a postive vibe, a dominant vibe.
Those who don't know how to be involved postively send out a negative vibe to compensate(,insults, shoutouts and repetitive remarks).
And those unable to keep up with the pings and pongs are left out, they are the "outcasts and losers" who contribute nothing.

It is like a drag race between the wannabes, fighting for the spotlight and laughs. The losers being the fuel and the heart of leaders is their destination.
Notice there is always the slick leader sending out perfectly timed "rewards and punishments" to bait and lead the followers. The sacrifice to lead is sometimes acting cold and selfish.
But who would deny the returns?

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