Tuesday, 19 April 2011

why angry birds make sense to me

When shit goes down in Angry Birds you know it was comming.
The Pigs are evil and they know it and the Birds are pissed and they know it.

Some "PEOPLE" are a different story!
What happened to them when they were a child? I dont know.
If they grew up with a roof on their head and food on the table then they should act like they lead a good life.
I know poor people, who cant afford trendy clothes or bullshit like internet or cameras, and they live happy and content lives. SO WHY CANT YOU??

You need bullshit gratification from collegues, teachers and pieces of paper to feel good. Get a life!

Back to the start.
If you only care about yourself then ONLY ever care about yourself.
Don't turn around and slap your image in the face by suddenly changing behind closed doors.

I know I don't lead anything near a perfect life but, judge me if you will but I wish not to conform to lifes depressing nature.

Calvin Khor Out

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