Friday, 29 April 2011

Want to be a rock star?

Afer comming out of the AC/DC exhibition today I was inspired, a little bit dazed and feeling a little bit more confident. Angus Young the lead guitarist.. what a legend, he has facemelting skill, charisma and passion. Some day I want to be like him. Typical Alpha Male ;)


Group mechanics - social exchange of emotion -
The "vibe" is a series of pings, pangs and pongs of emotions and feelings.
We respect most those who contribute a postive vibe, a dominant vibe.
Those who don't know how to be involved postively send out a negative vibe to compensate(,insults, shoutouts and repetitive remarks).
And those unable to keep up with the pings and pongs are left out, they are the "outcasts and losers" who contribute nothing.

It is like a drag race between the wannabes, fighting for the spotlight and laughs. The losers being the fuel and the heart of leaders is their destination.
Notice there is always the slick leader sending out perfectly timed "rewards and punishments" to bait and lead the followers. The sacrifice to lead is sometimes acting cold and selfish.
But who would deny the returns?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fly me home under your wings baby wings baby wings baby.

<3 - actually had one of the best days with you, your hugs and kisses made me feel so safe and even though ive only known you for sucha short time its amazing and really scary how much we have in common except for foood. haha. i dont care about anything that could change it but thats all a world away from me, the feelings ive developed are fighting away from all the other things, and are winning. i can not wait to see you again. :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

why angry birds make sense to me

When shit goes down in Angry Birds you know it was comming.
The Pigs are evil and they know it and the Birds are pissed and they know it.

Some "PEOPLE" are a different story!
What happened to them when they were a child? I dont know.
If they grew up with a roof on their head and food on the table then they should act like they lead a good life.
I know poor people, who cant afford trendy clothes or bullshit like internet or cameras, and they live happy and content lives. SO WHY CANT YOU??

You need bullshit gratification from collegues, teachers and pieces of paper to feel good. Get a life!

Back to the start.
If you only care about yourself then ONLY ever care about yourself.
Don't turn around and slap your image in the face by suddenly changing behind closed doors.

I know I don't lead anything near a perfect life but, judge me if you will but I wish not to conform to lifes depressing nature.

Calvin Khor Out

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Everybody pay attention to me, I got the answer!

So just got back my first Asian party, mixed feelings.
Social Interactions can be very funny/ interesting sometimes.
You know when people just don't belong sometimes, plain and simple.
Even though it was a kinda of fail party, its always good socializing with your friends as a whole group, and i guess there were some fun aspects to it.
When awkward relationships from two of your friends are broken, it just so much better... the wall has been broken,  RESPECT TO YOU BRO (y)

Love, Peace and Justice

Friday, 15 April 2011

No need for me to write, I just gotta picture her smiling.

the daily life: just did cross country got somewhere close to like top ten :) yeah today was really good. No parents for the whole 2 weeks of the holidays (except dad will be checking in every few days) going to be so awesome :)

> hereee ;)

> im so confused about you, its just....


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

tension is measured in time not newtons

The urgent need to blog because everyone else is.. The tension going on grips me it does but i try to act like i don't care. Then again how can I care when there is no need to, I don't need to feel worry or grief because of what people say to each other or how people are treated. Its too much trouble to care about others all the time and sometimes focusing on your own goals and challenges is a nice change.

Call me ignorant because of that but face the reality, that if i never hear then I will never know. Seems like a terms worth of study, stress, anxiety and conflict are all occcuring on the last 2 weeks of term. Im ok with that. Honestly I am, im more mature now believe it or not. I realise now that in the past I have purposely made myself fail in order to differentiate myself from the human race and give me a false sense of security. I need that hit of security, when I unconsciously pursuade myself to fail, to feel strong and independant. This feeling made up for the lack of my strength and independance.

I loved the feeling of certainty, and I aim for the same feeling in everything I do, the certainty that I was an idiot.. and i probably still am an idiot but at least now im aware of it. This is probably what Adam is refering to. "Year 12 is a test to see how well you handle what is thrown at you." - guest speaker from day one of hell.

Your Talk Is Cheap and I've Got Expensive Taste

~ An eerie feeling crawls inside you when your closest to you fight and bicker over things that could seem completely meaningless to other around you. It eats you inside out when tension fills the air. If I could change one thing, it would be to reset the feelings. Start again the days where all we did was mess around and jokingly call out comments. Come again the times when we all knew and respected each other for what we believed. Come again the times when no matter where we stood in school life we could be seen as equals around our fellow men. Come again those days - because these days aren't so good.

Last proper school day tomorrow (fyeah), should be good besides my RE essay which i need to pass so i dont fail school ahahhaha.

~ Dont think its all against you brother, we all love you.
~ You too man, its all good.

~ Im going to miss you, stay.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

If I could then I'd shrink the world tonight, so that I would find you and me inside.

the daily life - so just chillin' still got english to study for but I seriously am not bothered. All other subjects are all good, just casually rolling on and getting it over and done with. Got leavers finally all planned out so feeling pretty good about that, same with boombox tickets! jayesslee. 5 fouls in basketball yeah thanks for those you 'minga sluz'.

shoutz outz.

- too much i could say for you, even though we fight and reset straight away, you mean a lot to me.

- i love how we are starting to connect again, it makes me feel so good about myself cause you bring back all the things that made me smile, all the shit weve been through I still think I wouldnt be able to run without you.

- even though the age comes into action, youre one of the best people ive met, and i have ygat to thank for that, you shouldnt feel like theyre better than you because you yourself know they made a mistake, and i know they did too, ily.

- mate, sometimes you put in a little too much.

- 3 musketeers ily.

- twas nice getting to know you :)

all at the other side.

And it's you and me and all of the people And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

9 Months and 10 days you've been with me. You are the best. I love you.

Today I just finished my English assessment and I probs failed it hahaha i didn't even do much preparation for it so yeah. RE is my last thing to do before school holidays woo.




We are GOING....

to bonny doon......

Ahhh finally finished Economics test, so much tension/pressure relieved, Now there's English left, but i aint that stressed about it, because im just so chill like that. Can't wait for holidays omgggg, when i arrive at the orchards----- FARGGEN PARTY IN THE USA---------

Watched Jackass 3 and omg, some of the shit (literally) is so dirty, thanks for further ruining my mind, you two. You think i dont have enough mental problems already with all the sick shit i always say... expect to get a lot more.

This is what i think about you, pay attention it is very important. lol nah not rly.

- You actually lied about me and fully tried to play it off just to be accepted...Respect -1

-You need me to convince you and prove to you, that i am worthy of being told something which basically means nothing after the all the shit i do for you. I know all the hype i always make up for you may seem annoying or whatnot, but my intentions are good, what you do entertains me and others, people say we're fighting and we aren't but this stuff is getting old, know who your friends are.

-I like how you always talk to me about general stuff and how your open to things like varieties of music, you're pretty cool, its good meeting you, you also really know how to punch.

-After seeing you again in such a long time, i can genuinely say i miss you so much, seeing you that day reminded me of all the memories between us and how loyal you always were. I know how corny this is, but i actually value you so much as a friend.\

Getting outta the shower now.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Electric Girls With Worn Down Toys, Make It Up, Break It Up, What Do You Care?

So im sitting here with my english infront of me thinking what should I write for my essay tomorrow even though i know im going to fail it because novel studies are just not my thang.

I got raped by mum today too, faggen rodgers. Just sends me a letter of concern for maths. Thankyou you faggen skinny bitch ass stubble infested rat faced noonga legged slut.
Think you're cool? NAH SOZ YOURE NOT.

ill go back to english now.
I love you calvin khor you neverending source of controversy that never fails to make eeveryone laugh.

Flux out.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'm Boring but i Overcompensate with Headlines and Flash Photography.


Is making the title, song lyrics, cliche? i don't know. Haters gone hate. The title is pretty much, how i feel right now... im boring, but i love whats going on with other people, very scandalous drama, but its dieing down, things are actually becoming normal, not cool, not cool at all. Things are always better when they can be entertaining when talked about. But i have to give props to him, after all this hype and talk , he has handled this recent controversy and made it his bitch. +1 Respect.

I also appreciate that he has provided us with such entertainment. One day you deserve a book written about you. Ask Robert Drewe?

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Probably the most confusing, eventful, multi-faceted days of my life. I feel like I've been dreaming half the things that have happened. What was an out-of-the-blue approach to a really hot girl turned out to make me the number 1 talked person.. two schools.. how do i take this? awsome (Y)? Ummm fml 7 tests next week. :D(Y) Direct shout outs. World- come at me, so confused so i dont really care what happens. Haters, if you know better than me enlighten me. Carlu Orchadu: give me ur dick essence Migs: try out, clothe your new competition :P

So Scandalous

Today was Scandalous.