Monday, 2 May 2011

Staaayyyyyy Whereee Youuu Areeee

That song is friggen driving me crazy. get it..?Driving?  Fail Pun? or whatever that just was? Shut up?

Awesome day out today, Pool Tourney was what it lived up to be, next time i will not settle for 2nd place. >:D
My experiences with bus's aren't particularly "cool" to say the least. "To Willeton please!" But today I did myself proud and took a bus from a unfamiliar place to another unfamiliar place.

The whole trip, so many thoughts going through my mind. So many scenarios and ''worst possible outcomes'' but at the end of the day i managed to find my way back home and so decided to play a little trick on the ones who doubted my abilities, but deep down were "genuinely worried" about me.

So parents are coming home tomorrow... seems like they never left, I've had so much fun being a "nomad". Great Hospitality over the past few days thanks friends.

> I'm coming for you! prepare to be surpassed  >: /

> Come back already : (

> A loser can still have a winning SMILE : D

> I won't let you slip away...

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